Landlord & Tenant Law

Tension between a landlord and tenant can cause immense stress, negative physical ramifications, and even serious threats. While Long Island is populated with many wonderful people who make a great community, at Witkon Law, we understand that even within Nassau County and Suffolk County the best of landlord tenant relationships can become strained. But disagreements and tensions don’t have to get nasty. As professionals, we can help prevent, negotiate, and solve any residential or commercial landlord tenant issues.

Skilled Guidance

Our experienced attorneys offer expert guidance for all landlord tenant related needs in Long Island. Lease, eviction, subletting and underletting, and landlord tenant agreements of any kind that require careful negotiations often require more time, effort, and expertise than most who live in Nassau and Suffolk County can give. When you trust us at Witkon Law to cover the basis for every aspect of your landlord tenant needs, you don’t have to worry about what you may be missing. Whether you’re a party in a commercial or residential agreement and whether you need a prosecutor or defender to protect your rights, you will find the skilled guidance you need at our Long Island law offices.

Committed Service

As we guide you through landlord tenant negotiations, you’ll quickly discover that we’re committed to relentlessly pursuing the outcome you’ve trusted us to produce. As attorneys who are dedicated to each of our clients, we work to apply our skill and experience to your specific needs within your specific landlord tenant issues. With coverage that extends to apartments and houses as well as major commercial buildings, Witkon Law demonstrates the commitment to faithfully serve the entire community within Nassau and Suffolk County. Landlord tenant conflicts are not minor issues and we want to provide widespread service to all who need it within Long Island for every type of landlord tenant circumstance.

Free Consultation

When you call Witkon Law for the first time to discuss the landlord tenant problems you’re facing or anticipating, it won’t cost you anything. By providing our clients with a free consultation, we attempt to communicate our desire to help each one determine appropriate action for each specific case. You don’t have to endure a minute more of the strain of the continual concern about the next action you should take in a landlord tenant dispute. Call us at Witkon Law to get expert advice right away.

A confidential consultation will provide guidance and insights to both tenants and landlords alike. Whatever the issue or concern, we can help.

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