Insurance Claims

Superstorm Sandy Claims and Relief

As we struggle in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to find shelter, food, and other basic needs, legal problems may also emerge. David I. Witkon, Esq., P.C. recognizes a wide range of issues stemming from the storm and can assist you with FEMA claims, filing for disaster program benefits, Appeals processes for handling denied claims, insurance matters, including claims, process and appeals, eligibility matters, landlord tenant disputes, evictions, bankruptcy and credit problems, contractor and other frauds as well as financial and debt counseling.
Insurance claims can be problematic. When you purchase insurance, you are making an agreement in exchange for your premium payments that should anything unexpected occur as a result of flood, wind, fire, or other natural or other disaster your insurance policy will indemnify, or cover your losses. Unfortunately, in this day and age the insurance business can be cumbersome and difficult. It is commonplace for insurance companies to undervalue the loss, delay, deny or partially deny parts of a claim. Let us protect your rights and obtain a maximum recovery for your loss. You paid the premiums … do not allow insurance companies to delay or deny without proper justification.
Let us help you manage your legal matters while you get your life back in order and recover from this horrific storm.
Our attorneys can come to your residence, photograph damage, contact or assist with your legal forms for your insurance coverage, or FEMA and other agencies. Let us obtain a maximum recovery for your property and personal damages due to Superstorm Sandy.
Our fees are reasonable and you can contact us toll free. Don’t hesitate. Protect your rights!
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