Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you being harassed by creditors? Are you the victim of annoying and aggravating useless phone calls? Have you bank accounts been frozen or paycheck being garnished? Let our offices help guide you to a solution that frees you of such creditor persecution.

Many clients become frustrated, overwhelmed or even embarrassed to contact a bankruptcy attorney because they feel broken, blame themselves, or sense a stigma. Truly, bankruptcy protection is there to help clients regain command of their finances and debts, retain assets protected by the bankruptcy code and get back on their feet. We encourage our clients to empower themselves over their debt issues and financial traps, keep their hard-fought assets and move forward into their financial future. On Long Island you are not alone. Many of us face financial difficulties and bankruptcy protection may be the best solution for you. Contact us and find out how.

The bankruptcy filing process is time consuming and complicated requiring knowledge of the process and the law as well as experience in analyzing which of the various paths through the process will help clients the most. With a strong concentration on Long Island communities, the right attorney can guide you through the bankruptcy process and focus on your debt management issues.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Clients who become unable to pay their existing debt many can be helped by a chapter 7 bankruptcy. By filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy clients can eliminate or discharge their most common consumer debts such as credit cards, utility debts, checking account overdraft credit lines, personal loans, medical bills and certain types of tax debts as well. In Long Island, New York there are certain state exemptions which allow you to retain certain types of assets such as equity in your home, retirement accounts, bank accounts with certain maximum values, automobiles with certain values, and furniture, tools and other possessions up to certain maximum values. Correct legal representation and advice is crucial to form a strategy to protect as much of your assets as possible while discharging as much debt as the law allows. An understanding of what can be discharged and what cannot is critical. In Long Island, New York and other places certain debts cannot generally by discharged, including most student loans, certain court ordered obligations, child support and spousal maintenance, and most taxes. Consult a lawyer that can formulate a plan to protect your assets. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Clients who do not qualify for a chapter 7 or who can further benefit from a chapter 13 bankruptcy provisions generally require a payment plan and strategy to pay back some or even all debt over time. This can involve several years and if you are defending a foreclosure, the provisions of chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code can help stop the action and enable the property owner to pay back what is owed on a mortgage, often times without interest or under more beneficial terms.

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