Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Great Neck, New York (NY)


Have you received an eviction notice in Peconic, New York (NY) and need to know your legal options?

  • Have you received an eviction notice?
  • Have you been threatened with an eviction?
  • Are you concerned you might be evicted?

Witkon Law can help you.

The lawyers here at Witkon Law have helped others in the Peconic community deal with the incredibly unfortunate scenario of defending an eviction. The thought of being evicted from your home can be intimidating and frightening, with all the legal proceedings and rules involved, or because of the uncertainty it can create. Because of the gravity of the situation it is our opinion that you consult with legal professionals.

If you received an eviction notice or notice of petition in or near the zip code 11958, give us a call. We offer one free and confidential consultation. We’re ready to fight for you.

Tenants in Peconic, NY, or near the zip 11958 have rights and there are ways to fight an eviction

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Peconic, New York (NY)

You’re a tenant and you have tenant rights. There are eviction laws intended to protect you. Witkon Law landlord and tenant attorneys are the legal experts you need.

  • Were you served an eviction notice because of nonpayment of rent?
  • Did you violate or break the lease or rental agreement?
  • Are you looking for eviction help?

There are several grounds for a landlord to evict a tenant in Peconic, but the two most common categories are: (1) non payment, and (2) violation of lease agreement.

How to fight an eviction in Peconic, New York

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Peconic, New York (NY)

We don’t recommend that you fight an eviction on your own, or by reading an article online; however we’ve crafted this page so you can see that there is eviction help available for you, that we’ve helped others in your community, and that we can help you if you call for a free and confidential consultation.

There are ways to fight eviction notices but they are specific to each scenario. What does your lease agreement look like? Did you pay the rent on time? If not, how late was the rent and how often? Did you violate the agreement? What kind of violation was it?

And then there is the question of whether or not the landlord upheld his end of the agreement. Did the landlord maintain the property according to the agreement? Did the landlord communicate with you properly? Did you pay your rent are were still served with an eviction notice? Something this happens.

Are you late on rent and got served with an eviction notice but would like to settle or come to some sort of arrangement with your landlord? This is common. We can help. Let Witkon Law answer the petition and appear in court on your behalf.

If you’ve been served with an eviction notice either you or your lawyer must appear in the correct court, at the correct time, and defend yourself. If nobody appears on your behalf this could result in a default judgement against you.

Do you believe you’re being evicted based on discrimination? This is incredibly unfortunate, but it does happen. There are federal laws that protect against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, and disability. At Witkon Law we’re familiar with exercising these laws on your behalf.

Are you a landlord and need to evict a tenant in Peconic, NY?

Witkon Law’s landlord tenant lawyers are well versed in representing tenants and landlords. Please visit THIS PAGE to learn more about our landlord representation. Because our lawyers represent both tenants and landlords we know how to navigate both sides of the issue.

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